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3D Part Design & Printing

3D printing is a very cool and useful technology. It allows you to create or to duplicate a part that has broken or that is necessary to solve an inconvenience. 3D printing is really a combination of two processes: 1) Create a model of the part and, 2) Convert the 3D model file to a printable format and use a 3D printer to print the part. Different applications will require different types of filaments (i.e. high temperature, low or high durometer) or colors (i.e. white, black). At Smartupmyhome we take pride for our problem solving skills and creativity in the home automation and handyman services we provide to make your home more enjoyable.

Saving a Dishwasher with a 3D printed solution

The client was determined to replace his dishwasher because it kept leaking during certain portions of the washing cycle. The owner had replaced the door gasket and the door bottom seal but the problem persisted and floor damage was already done. We removed the front panel and were able to record how and when was the leaking occuring (see video of the fix here). After taking some dimensions of the clearances the water was coming through we designed a pair of plugs,  3D printed, and installed them at each side of the door. The leak was gone and the dishwasher kept, saving the owner the cost of a new dishwasher and the installation (approx. $800) 

Hair Dryer Base to Avoid Electrocution

Have your hair dryer ever fell inside the bathroom sink under running water and instinctively you reached for it? That's a recipe for disaster. Hair dryers are particularly good at not staying put. A hair dryer base was 3D printed in ASA filament that is water proof and of white color to match the sink. Our hair dryer buddy is now going no where. 

The phone holder that can save your life

Glancing at your phone while driving is something that didn't exist 10 years ago but is part of our lives nowadays. Hundreds of "in-car" phone holders have been created but all of them require you to remove your peripheral view from the road, putting you at risk. The peripheral view is extremely important for avoiding accidents during driving. We have created the only phone holder that keeps your peripheral view in the road while glancing at your phone. See it here. It's called the minimalist phone holder because it is inspired by the Tesla model 3 minimalist dash, even though it works on any car. Once you install the minimalist phone holder you will only need "eye movement"instead of "head movement" to re-focus your sight to the road and take accident avoidance action. Each minimalist phone holder is 3D printed to order.

Getting Your Coffee Brew Perfect

If you are a coffee aficionado you know the importance of applying a distributed pressure to the ground coffee in the portafilter using your graduated pressure tamper. Using a tamper on a double shot portafilter is easy because the portafilter's brewing outlets serve as feet and allows it to stand straight. When using a single shot portafilter, this is not possible because it only has one brewing outlet. A base was designed and 3D printed that allows the single shot portafilter to stand straight up and allow exerting downward pressure with the tamper.

Shower Tub Insert Saved with a 3D Printed Adapter

The drain grid hole for a shower tub insert was incorrectly cut (off centered and larger than needed). The dimensions of the hole were taken and an adapter with an oversized diameter was 3D designed and printed to house the drain grid and block the excess space. Regular RTV 100% Silicone was used to adhere (water proof) the 3D printed adapter to the shower tub insert.

3D Printed Case for 16 VAC Transformer

Electrical components should always be housed in non conducting cases. A 16 VAC transformer was necessary for a door bell and a housing was designed and 3D printed in PLA to allow the installation of the transformer in the garage drywall.

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