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Heating and cooling your home is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable home. At Smartupmyhome we want to help you maintain your HVAC system to extend your unit's life. Many HVAC companies no longer want to repair your system, but sell to you a new $8K unit. Our handyman services include cleaning your AC condenser's coil, cleaning the contactor (a bug or rodent trapped in it will leave you without AC), checking the running capacitor (if your compressor is not turning ON), unclogging your AC drain pipe, replacing the air filters, testing your furnace components (if your furnace is not turning ON), and installing your new thermostat. If you use a gas fireplace to supplement your heating, we can also maintain it for you. At Smartupmyhome we take pride for our problem solving skills and creativity in the home automation and handyman services we provide to make your home more enjoyable.

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