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Wall Mount

Walls are an integral part of our living space that can add significant utility, functionality, and beauty to our environment. We install TV mounts, closet racks and custome organizers, wall moulding design kits, curtain rods, pictures, paints, mirrors, garage ceiling and wall racks, bike storage racks and pullies.  In one of the show cases below we added near 275 cubic feet of space in a one car garage (approximately the space of 8 side-by-side refrigerators). Our custom made TV lifting crane results in lower installation costs because it doesn't require two installers for TV sizes equal or greater than 40". At Smartupmyhome we take pride for our problem solving skills and creativity in the home automation and handyman services we provide to make your home more enjoyable.

Do you own a depressing Walk-In Closet?

My wife and I did for a few years. Recently we got a quote of $6,500 for installing a fully customized closet organizer in our 12’ x 4.5’ master bedroom walk-in closet. A little bit unhappy with the price, we searched for the closet organizer components we definitely wanted in our closet (there are hundreds of them), 3D modeled them within our closet space constraints using a CAD program. This allowed me to determine what modifications where needed on the pre-fabricated parts, to fit the whole closet assembly in our available space. 


My wife and I spent a whole weekend measuring, cutting, and installing. Of course we first removed the original 12’ long wire rack that came with the home, patched holes, sanded, and painted the walls. After all this work, we were able to put to use over a hundred cubic feet of additional usable space (roughly the equivalent to the space of about four to six standard refrigerators put together) that was just being wasted when using the wire rack. And the most important part: we did it at half the cost of the original quote.

Go From This


To This, In a Weekend

Do It at Half the Price of Fully Customized Closet Organizers.


Buying pre-fabricated closet organizer modules and having me modify them to fit your space restraints. That's how.  Read below to see how easy it is do so. 

Below is a CAD drawing (the closet organizer only) used to determine how much it needed to be cut from the parts to fit the whole assembly in the available space. Each space was asigned a letter or a number depending on what was meant to be stored in the space. 

Using a CAD software reduces the design time and eliminates cutting errors allowing the assembly to be completed at a lower cost when compared to other more expensive competitors. The drawing below includes the closet internal walls in transparent mode to show the distribution of the organizer pieces.

The picture below at right is the finished product. Closet pieces are "wall mount" for easy carpet vacuum cleaning and "usable" space went up from 117 cubic feet to 225 cubic feet (a 92% increase). This is roughly the equivalent to the space of about four to six standard refrigerators put together.

Converting your "not-so-visually-appealing" closet into one that puts a smile on your face while saving a ton of money, is something you will be endlessly thanking yourself for.
Text me at 787-469-2430
and let’s plan your new walk-in-closet.
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